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The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reconsidering Jennifer Sebena decision.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund will meet April 3 to once again consider adding slain Wauwatosa police officer Jennifer Sebena to its memorial wall, according to the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

The memorial fund first said it would not include Sebena, apparently because she was killed in a domestic violence incident. Last week, it announced it would delay the decision until next year.

Sebena's husband, Benjamin Sebena, is accused of shooting her to death Christmas Eve while she was on duty outside of a fire station. The memorial fund's main requirement for the memorial wall is that an officer must have been "killed in the line of duty," meaning "a law enforcement officer has died as a direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty." The fund's board of directors makes the final decision, and the fund is a private, nonprofit organization.

"This is the only issue on the agenda. We think this is a tremendous development and reflects the fact that people from around the country have heard about this and are actively expressing their outrage at the national memorial's decision to (not) give Officer Jen Sebena the same honor as many others that were killed under almost identical circumstances," WPPA executive director Jim Palmer wrote in an email Monday to the Journal Sentinel.

"We will continue to encourage supporters to reach out to the memorial board and we are optimistic they will make the right decision and honor Jen this year," he added.

More than 14,600 people have signed an online petition supporting Sebena. A Facebook photo from the WPPA compares the case of Sebena to that of Detective Norman Montion, who was killed in El Paso by a former business partner during a lunch break and is on the memorial wall.

The Journal Sentinel has contacted the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund for comment.


  • we had a similar issue with an officer that had an aorta failed and had a heart attack and died when he struck a tree. they did not want to put his name on the national wall at first but finally the decision was changed.
  • I would really like to see this woman's name put on the wall. She deserves it.
  • I hadn't read of her on-duty status on my first read through. I now realize she was indeed on duty and this becomes a "no-brainier". If she weren't on duty, I would politely and respectfully decline her acceptance on the wall as it's not for cops who have died, but for those killed in the line of duty. Put her on the wall.
  • Not only does she deserve to be on the wall, but my question is, when is a police officer not on duty? is it the normal 8, 10 or 12 hour shift or are they always protecting and serving even when they aren't punching the time clock? I believe they are "always on duty" as long as they are active on the force, they are permanently on duty.. in my humble opinion.
  • These are the same people who refuse to allow the names of law enforcement officers killed while serving in peacekeeping missions. But I really don't see why they would have an issue with Officer Sebena.
  • She was working and on duty, what's the problem from what I read they said the officer must be on duty so please put her name on the wall.
  • So a person, (any person) walks up and shoots an officer, while that officer is on-duty, isn't that classified as a Murder ? More specifically the murder of a Public Servant ? No matter who shot this officer, she was on-duty acting in the full capacity of a law enforcement officer when she was killed. End of the story, Period. This could not be an easier decision to make.
  • Honor that officer. Praying for the family.
  • Being on-duty put her in the danger zone! Place her name on the wall!
  • She was on duty. End of story. I cant believe that there is such an issue over this fact. Rest In Peace Sister, we'll take it from here
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  • Im outraged they have to even "consider" it. She was on duty and was killed. But like a previius post read, when arr we NOT on duty?! Unbelievable
  • She was on duty. What is the difference if her husband or a stranger walked up to that car that day and shot her? SHE WAS ON DUTY!
  • When u swear in as a officer it ist a 9 to 5 its a 24/7/365 until u retire . If a crime is committed while I'm off duty in my presence I'm gonna react to it . If she was on duty or off she still gave her life to SERVING AND PROTECTING THE PUBLIC
  • The fact remains, she was on duty when she was killed, and deserves to be honored. We don't choose when we are called away. The Memorial Board shgould honor her memory for her sacrifice.
  • So......if she had responded to a domestic dispute and was shot by someone else's husband, she would then qualify? hmmmm?
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