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Concealed Carry Weapon

I have been thinking about getting a smaller carry weapon. As of now, I'm carrying a Glock 35 .40 S&W. What's your choice as a CC weapon?


  • I like the Glock 27 for my off duty personally.
  • I carry my duty weapon, Walther P99, off duty. It's a good size to double as both and my Blackhawk Serpa off duty holster keeps the weapon real close to the body
  • Love my Bersa Thunder .45 Ultra Compact Pro. Carried in a Bianci foldaway holster. Conceals great.
  • Bersa Thunder is a great CCW weapon. It's modeled after the Walther PPK but chambered in calibers larger than .380
  • Wilavit: yes it is. I have fired over 500 rounds through in the 6 months I've had it with out a single problem. (Other then trying to find the ammo for it that Plus Bersa is licensed through Walther. Their Thunder 380 is almost a clone of the Walther PPK.
  • Glock is great but I am looking to start a variety of manufacturers. I like the look of the Walther P99 but cannot seem to find one near me. The Bersa Thunder is a little too small for my hands. I looked at the Kahr CW's and the Springfield XDS and seem pretty reliable. Someone told me to go Kel Tec PF9 but I saw the slide get blown off the rail while at the range.
  • Blueblood89: the Springfield XDS is a good weapon. Was torn between that and the Bersa, the Bersa felt a little better in my hand, so I went with that. Which Bersa Thunder was too small? Was it the 380?
  • Gunsmoke--- Yes they only had the 380
  • Blueblood89:The Bersa thunder ultra compat pros in 9mm, 40mm and .45 are all a bit bigger with a better grip then the .380. The .380 felt too small in my hands too.
  • The Glock 26 rocks. I shoot it better than my duty Glock .45 cal.
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  • I carry Kel Tec 9mm
  • I have three depending on what I am doing or where I am going.
    Walther PPK/S, AMT Backup and a Ruger SP101
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