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Goofy things at work, that you just can't make up.

Hey everyone, about to go 10-7 and had a hilarious incident tonight. Dealt with one of our regular "customers" who needless to say is a few french fries short of a happy meal. Anyway, he wanted his fiance kicked out of their house cause she (and I quote) "refused to put out." While fussing at the man for calling 911 for a retarded reason such as this, he asked the same fiance to light his cigarette for him. I put everything I know and love on this next statement. Keep in mind, this is in a trailer with no carpet, about to fall down and they are beyond disgusting. The fiance walks over to the stove, lights the oven, and PUTS HER FACE IN THE LIT OVEN WITH THE CIGARETTE TO LIGHT IT. I couldn't contain my laughter. Anyone have any hilarious stories they want to share?


  • Can't fix stupid!
  • So true, you can't fix stupid. Lol
  • Wow that is pretty bad !! It is that fine line between hilarious and sad!! I have a pretty funny story to share - but it didn't happen to me it was a friend of mine. Does that count??
  • I had a call right before end of shift involving an elderly lady who claimed she was just attacked. Needless to say we were surprised to find a perfectly spry seventy something woman without a mark on her.  it seems she had called the Red Cross to donate to tornado victims and given them her credit card info. She soon became concerned and called us because she was sure she had been attacked by a "credit card frog".
  • Omg I had a medical call I was backing up walked in and could not believe my eyes (now mind you I am also a medic ) just when I think I have seen everything ....I looked at my partner and he just shook his head . There laying in all his glory was a man about 400lbs laying on the couch ass up in the air with I kid you not a fork stuck in his ass .....I just looked back at my partner and said you know what I am not even going to ask ...lmao ....I will say it again ...job security !
  • Late on my way back to the station at the end of my shift on a MD country road a bright light appeared from the sky over the trees and lit up the road in front of my patrol vehicle. the light followed me to the end of the road. I stopped at the traffic light at which time the light shot across the road and into the sky. Upon arrival at the station for shift change I informed my colleagues of this incident at which time they made their way to my patrol vehicle on the lot and foamed it all over with fire extinguishers. The story followed me to my retirement :)
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