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Best handcuff manufacturer?

Who makes the best handcuffs in your experience?


  • I've always had Smith's and never had an issue...A couple months ago I got the Asp Tactical. So far so good...they are super smooth and I love the keyhole on both sides.
  • Used Peerless hinge cuffs for years because of the bigger jaws. But, I've carried my fair share of S&W...both hinge and chain.
  • I use Smith's , shift mates use the ASP Tacticals as well..the only problem i have with them is several handcuff keys i have do not work in the ASP very smooth..requires alot of jiggling to get them to work.
  • I have always used Peerless. Never had a problem. While attending the academy I did a ride along with an officer who carried S&W. We handcuffed a subject to detain him till the officer completed his investigation. When we attempted to uncuff the individual the cuffs would not unlock, the Fire Department had to cut them off. After that incident I guess I just never gave S&W a chance. I have had peerless for my entire career of 17 Years so far.
  • Im old school,,,S&W
  • I have both - S&W and Peerless. Never had a problem with either of them. I do have two ASPs - both hinge, one in black, and one in pink.... for those troublesome arrests....

    "Keep giving me trouble, and I WILL put the pink handcuffs on you!"
    "What does THAT mean?"
    "You'll find out when we get to the jail intake."
    "Yes, sir....." :)

    One individual told me afterword while I was transporting him "You're full of s*&t.. you don't have pink handcuffs!" I took them out of my seat bag and held them up for him to see. Didn't hear a single word from him after that.... :)
  • Hahaha!!! Mountain, that's awesome! I may have to get a pair of Pink cuffs too.
  • Many correctional facilities use different colored cuffs to signal details. Red for assualtive, yellow for mental, pink for sexual predator/pedophile, silver standard prisoner. Some use pink for isolation prisoner. Certainly not standardized. Our facility will not go to a color coded cuff. Says it stigmatizes the prisoners. Many of us don't support the use of color coded cuffs because it gives other prisoners information they don't need to know. As for best brand, I will tell you this. I can cuff and stuff 20-30 prisoners per day. We sign out our gear from a control center. Those cuffs get a lot of wear. One set probably gets more wear in a month than a patrol officers will get in a life time. Just the difference in duties. ASP seem to be the best, then Peerless, then S&W. Regardless of make though, they all can wear out, including the key. Bottom line, regardless of make, CHECK YOUR GEAR DAILY! Your life depends on it. Be safe, they all want to kill you out there.
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