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Hey brothers and sisters. I am a police officer here in central Indiana and just started a not for profit. I am teaming local PD's with area businesses to raise money for lung cancer. These businesses sponsor a patrol car and donate a penny a mile driven to patrol their local streets. So I ask you to please check out my Facebook page and read the about section. Like and share my page with everyone. Just search Facebook for Cops Cruisin' For Cancer. I can also take cash or checks and hook you up with a receipt for tax purposes. Email me at with any questions or how to donate.


  • I liked your page and will share it on my fb page. I think it's awesome that you are doing this for such a good cause.
  • Thank you. I have been up and running for almost 2 weeks and am 5 away from 100 likes! I've also raised 400 dollars and have a fundraiser scheduled for October. Follow me on twitter @cancer_cop
  • Just an update guys, one month up and running. 400 likes and a ton of good feedback. Help me out here guys.
  • I'll share your page on my FB. I like this. Good job.
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