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Glock vs Sig vs Springfield?

Looking to buy a piece to carry off duty. Kinda leaning toward the XD Sub. What do you recommend?



  • Have both - really impressed with Springfield!
  • Sig all the way
  • I love Sig, but the XD is just as nice.
  • I've had the xdm and G23 (current). Neither are great 'carry' guns. I am carrying my G23 for the time, but look into the XDS .45. Awesome weapon and its single stack so its a bit thinner than the .40 or 9mm xd or xdm's. I am currently in the market for one. Good luck!
  • I have heard great things about XD...BUT, if it was ME...SIG SAUER IS THE WAY TO GO!
  • HK USP, Sig, XDM, and Glock (no external safety!) - in that order.
  • I have a springfield 40 XD and I love it.. I also have a Glock ...Out of the two I'd go with the Springfield ..
  • I own both the Glock 22 and the xdm compact. Both are excellent. Xdm comes with match grade trigger, barrel, two stage recoil rod for quicker second shot sight acquisition and control, it has the grip safety so there's no accidental misfires, unlike the Glock with no safety or the frame safety that no cop wants to fumble with. It's an excellent off duty or duty gun and is every bit as durable as Glock. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Very high quality pistol. One suggestion is get the fiber optic front sight.
  • The Springfield XD is impressive, but another good one is the Smith & Wesson M&P.
  • Robert,

    Although I am not a LEO, I have been in the firearm industry for quite some time now. In regards to your question, I see your debating between the 3 manufacturers; but if you could give me a little more information on some carry details, as well as which Glock and Sig your speaking of, I might be able to give you some insight on your situation. If you could answer a few questions for me I'd be more then happy to help. Are you restricted by caliber? What is the weather climate you are in? Is this going to be a concealed firearm or open carry w/ badge?

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Springfield. By no means is it a poor choice, but I do not shoot is as adequately as I do others. In regards to Glock, I think everyone here can acknowledge that they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing firearm, but they are indeed a work horse. Comparing the two, as far as conceal-ability, I would rate them fairly the same, both being double stack guns. The only perk to the Glock is that you (depending on your issue) already have spare magazines for it. Shootability - again they rate in the same field; yet accuracy is going to depend on which grip feels better in your hand. As far as the Sig is concerned, short of the new P928, the smallest carry size (until the P224 becomes readily available) is either a P250 or a P229, which is indeed a bit larger, and does carry a bit more weight to it. Sig does indeed make a great firearm, I have a few myself and have absolutely no regrets.

    Not to add to your dilemma, but might I suggest a few others:

    S&W M&P Series Pistols - They make a gun comparable to Glock, essentially the same firing system, full stainless chassis, ambi capabilities etc... Plus being LE, they have the "Our Nations Heroes" discount which I believe is $50 off any M&P series pistol

    Kahr Arms - A great single stack pistol. Personally I opted for the CW9, their "economy" based pistol. I couldn't justify the extra money for hexagonal rifling, dove tailed sights and a spare mag. That being said, being my normal carry in Florida's lovely humidity, I've put nearly 5,000 rounds through it and have only had one failure to date. Which coincidentally was my fault, long fingers + getting used to a mag release = no bueno.

    My final suggestion... No matter if you spend $2000 or $200, the gun that fits your hand the best, is going to be the one to carry (9 times out of 100... I don't suggest cheaping out on a carry gun, but you get the idea). If possible, find an indoor range, rent a few guns and put some rounds down range. Any questions you may come across feel free to ask.

    Hope my .02 helped a little bit. Take'r Easy and Stay Safe. Oh and this is my first post here, saw this off the TTBL Facebook, starting LE academy beginning of the year, and going to try for local Sheriff's Office, so I figured I'd offer some help.

    Take Care,
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    In order to maximize your training through retaining the most muscle memory, all of your carry pistols should be of similar design and feel. If you use a Sig on duty, then carry a small Sig that has the same controls and trigger as your duty pistol. Most likely, a P239. The best quality pistols of current manufacture are going to be H&Ks, Glocks, and S&W M&Ps in that order. Having used and worked on Sigs since the early 1990s, and been part of several agency pistol trials I would stick with those three manufacturers. Also, be aware that not all pistol makes/models function well in all calibers.
  • I carry a Kel Tec 9mm off duty.Love my Glock duty weapon...
  • I would go with the new Xdm .45 3.8, The gun is very nice, nice smooth easy trigger pull and a great carry gun.

  • I have shot both a glock and a XD. I like the XD better. Never shot a sig, so can't say anything there. As far as carry goes, I don't carry YET. So, I'm only limited to the shooting aspect.
  • I carry the Sig P229 every day all day. I always recommend The P229 or the H&K P30. Pick up each, and whichever feels like they made it with your hand in mind, buy it. If money's a little tighter the Glock 19.
  • I have the xdm40 and xd sub 40 both are superb weapons. The xd sub is an excellent concealed carry weapon even with the short barrel accuracy is not sacrificed
  • I have the XDM 40 and the xd sub 40 and agree with buck they are both great. and the breaking down of the weapon to clean is very eay compared to the glock and i am not very fimilar with the sig.
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    I've carried Sigs on duty for more than 16 years and own quite a few of my own, including 2 P220's. Two years ago I bought my first XD (4" duty, 9mm), which almost immediately lead me to buy my 2nd XD (3" subcompact, 9mm). Absolutely love the XD's. I just last week picked up my first Glock (a Gen 4 26) because my dept. will allow me to carry the Glock as a backup (XD's are not authorized yet). I've shot Glocks in the past, and shoot them well, but just don't like them as much as I do the XD. If I had the option, the XD would be my primary gun all around. All that said, all 3 a great guns and I don't think you can really go wrong with any of them, although your dollar goes much further with Glock or Springfield, like 2 guns for price of 1 further.
  • Have Glocks, have done T&E on Springfields, and have Sigs. Of those choices, I prefer Sig Sauer. I recently purchased a Sig Sauer P938, an ultra compact 9mm (just barely bigger that the P238 .380 ACP). I really like it, it carries easy and is a single action with a safety.

    With that said, I mostly carry a Colt Defender off duty, one of the Talo "Night Defender" series.
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    I agree with most of my fire arms instructors so far. Carry a small version of your duty weapon. Less likely hood of mistakes when it really matters, muscle memory. My duty weapon is a Glock 21 and back up/ off duty is a Glock 30. The other plus is inter changeable magazines from the 21 to the 30. Just my experience. In the end use what you are most comfortable with, what ever gun maker. I just prefer the knock down and less penetration of the 45 ACP.
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  • I carry a Walther P99 as both my duty and off duty weapon. It's every bit as dependable as a Glock and I personally like the ergonomics of the P99 to that of a Glock. It fits my hand perfectly. Another plus is that it is slightly smaller than a Glock, and is therefore very easily concealable.
  • I have trained a lot of new shooters with a wide range of guns. But its funny to watch people shoot with a XD or Sig or M&P and then they shoot my Glock 17 gen1 and their group size cuts in half. Glock is the one who carries the polymer market and will for a long time. After market acc are also alot more common for Glocks then most other guns and almost all can be done in 5 min or less by anyone. Can't do that on a Sig or XD.
  • It's all a matter of what you are comfortable with. Personally, I'm a Glock combat Tupperware fan. SIG and Springfield (and I do have a Springfield 1911) are great sidearms.
  • Glock 19, S&W mod 60
  • Springfield all the way.
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