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Hey everyone,

Just wanted your opinion on boyfriend is 1/3 of the way through the academy with 4 months left. During defensive tactics this past week he was elbowed hard in the ribs. It is clear he broke 1, if not 2 ribs (I'm a paramedic). The dilemma is he doesn't want to tell anyone for fear of being recycled. He also has no insurance as he is paying his own way through and only can work weekends. What are your thoughts? I'm concerned about further injury and him not reporting it because they are still doing DT and will be tasered soon also.

Any input is appreciated!


  • Any injury incurred during any authorized training, academy or otherwise, MUST be reported. He can face more trouble for failing to report the injury, depending on academy rules and departmental policy, including termination. Tell him to report it.
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