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What are your Feelings about PREA

If you work in Corrections you know about PREA (Prison Rape and Elimination Act)
This is a Federal program for Prisons and Jails, Where an inmate can notify someone either in person, by letter or a special phone number to report a violation of a sexual nature. By other inmates, by staff, by actions or even by words.
The Kicker is that the reporter is protected from any actions resulting from such a call. Weather the call is valid or a falsehood made to "Punish" the Officer for some reason.
The inmate has all the rights and protection while the accused Officer has none.


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    So far we have not had any issues. Many of the prisoners just glance at the document and sign it. I completely agree with the intent of PREA and it is a pain in the butt adding more and more steps to the intake/book-in process. All new in our facility. We will see how it goes. I expect some fine tuning as time goes on.
  • I'm not sure what department the OP works for, but I know that with my department, there is a charge listed under the offender conduct that covers "making false statements against employees". While it first has to be PROVEN that you did not commit a sexual act with the offender, that does allow for recourse- but that charge should be written by the investigator, not by the accused. The only thing I can offer in regards to protecting ourselves against PREA charges is 1) Be professional 2) Build report without being "friends" 3) Follow policy and procedure 4) Use the cameras to your advantage. If you do those things, you should have nothing to worry about...

    As far as for the offender, PREA is meant to protect them. However, most offenders don't use it because it makes them feel or seem weak or they have been threatened in addition to the rape. Remember, these men and women are our custodial responsibility... By being familiar with our responsibilities in regards to PREA, it allows us to do our job and avoid frivolous lawsuits.
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