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So-called "Constitutionalists"

Have any of you ever heard of a guy on YouTube with the username 'markedguardian'? If not, a quick overview is that he always open carries a regular handgun and an AR-15 slung over his back, just to prove some kind of point. He gets numerous visits from law enforcement who have received calls from concerned citizens and always argues claiming that his person and weapons are being unlawfully detained.

If you haven't seen his videos, check them out. If you have, what are your thoughts on him?


  • Sometimes you have to go completely overboard to protect a right. Rosa Parks was considered to have gone completly overboard by refusing to sit in the back of the bus, violated the law in doing so, and look where that lead? People get scared by what is unusual, and/or unfamiler. Open carry is a real attenion getter in Iowa, but legal with your CCW. In Montana, nobody even notices. Why? It is unusual in Iowa, but common in Montana. The more people open carry, the sooner it becomes "socially accptable" and no one even notices. As long as he is not violating the law, or creating a hazard, he is free to do what he dones. Just because someone is scared does not over ride his constutional right to "keep and bear arms." Yes, officers have the duty to respond to each call. But the more often it happens, the less excitment it will cause, until one day, no one even notices. As one of my hero's stated, "Freedom is inconvienent when freely exercised." Someone exercising their rights might offend you, such as an opinion or speech, but it is their right. You have the right to offend/be offended in this country, for now. I support/oppose abortion in all cases. Either postion stated, will offend someone. When you stand for something, someone will oppse you, someone will be offend by your stance. A right not exercised, is a right surrendered. Okay, I'll step off my soap box. One last thing, the guy may be a bug, but as long as he poses no threat, he is free to be a bug, whether we like it or not. You protect your rights by protecting others. LEO's do that every day, all day.
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    Stormtruck2 - You make a very good point, I never really thought about it that way (the Rosa Parks example). I personally have no problem with people who choose to carry, open or not (as long as they are not felons, of course). I just felt like he could have come up with a better way to get his point across. But then again, maybe a less "flashier" demonstration wouldn't work.
  • I'm familiar with markedguardian. The fact is, he's out for attention. Most guys that post those "conflicts with police" videos are usually in the wrong, or like this guy, going overboard. Like when he's asked for I.D. he always refuses, which is his right, but it's like he's going out of his way to dare the cop to start something. And he gets the cops called constantly on him and the police are required to respond to every call. He would get farther if he would just be cooperative and not harass the police, which is what he's basically doing.

    I have, however, seen some videos on YouTube which piss me off at the cops because they're going way over the line. But usually it's the vlogger antagonizing the police
  • Also, while in most states it is legal to open carry, in Ohio you don't even need any kind of competency certification to open carry (which I think is horse hockey), if your state allows for CCW I would always suggest getting a CCW permit. Open carrying causes too much drama, and most people who open carry are looking for attention. Of course, if your state has no CCW allowance and open carry is all you can do legally, like in California, then it's better than not being armed at all. I think every responsible adult should get trained in the use of a firearm. The police can't be everywhere
  • Here in Colorado, the reason the open carry proponents give is 'to get people used to someone carrying a gun'. Maybe so, but I call it 'painting a target on yourself' for any barking moonbat nutjob with a gun wanting to do bad things - the first person they are going to take out is the person known to be carrying a gun. When I'm off-duty and carrying, I carry concealed.
  • I agree with mountaincop, but I still think it is Constituional. People should get used to the sight of someone openly carring without getting the "vapors". I carry CCW but don't like getting called in as a "Man with a gun" when they see the flash of my weapon when my cover gartment swings open, or I'm leaned out cleaning the cars windshield.
  • Actually, truth be known, I agree with open carry. Calls for 'man with a gun' in that context to me are irritating... since I have to contact someone for doing something perfectly legal (we do have a few jurisdictions in Colorado that prohibit open carry, such as Denver and Boulder).

    I was approached by a Walmart manager saying that some woman reported that I was carrying a gun. I said 'Yes, I am. Want to see the badge that goes with it?" He and the woman did a complete 180. I explained to the woman (with her child) that someone carrying a concealed weapon is likely to either be a cop or a CCW holder, and far from being a threat.

    'Vapors'... I like that! :)
  • I'm for open carry if that's all you're allowed. Bottom line, I'm in favor of every responsible adult owning and carrying a firearm. However, I think it's polite to conceal if you're able to. Why start problems? I also have other reasons for preferring to conceal. But if Open Carry is all you got, use it. I do wish, though, that open carriers would have to get the same competency certification and background checks as CCW holders
  • Exactly, wilavitt.

    A large majority of people are not and will not ever be comfortable around firearms, though. Even if we try to desensitize people, we will never get everyone. There is always going to be that 'fear'...and some people are just brought up that way.
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