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The Thin Blue Line

The meaning according to wikipedia says:
The Blue line stands for the Law Enforcement Officers. The top black part stands for The good. And the bottom black part stands for the bad. All together, the Blue Line (Law Enforcement) separating the good from the bad.
The Thin Blue Line Meaning

Have you heard any different explanations for the Thin Blue Line?


  • No, and I like that explanation. I would prefer white on top signifying good, blue line in the middle, and black on the bottom. I'm sure Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al would have a problem with that though.
  • The first sticker I saw was a blue line over a white background (and I still have one). The blue line over a black background was displayed as a memorial for those lost in the line of duty. Seems that it's now changed to the blue over black signifying all LEOs.
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Thin Blue Line Decals at

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