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So I know a few volunteers that volunteer at my Local PD and I am one of them. I was curious what the Sworn LEO's think of there Auxiliary Program or similar programs they have at there department. Where I volunteer we are treating not very well even though we stand at accident scenes, and crime, scenes, etc. for 10+ hours. I should also mention it i not a very big city we have 4 patrolman and 1 Supervisor on at a time. We have had officers point there Tasers at us with our backs turned, we are cussed at in briefing and we have no respect while on the road. We had a volunteer as for assistance and no one wanted to respond until dispatch asked someone 3 mins later. there are plenty similar incidents I would rather not mention. So I am just asking do you treat your volunteers with disrespect, because you get a paycheck?


  • wow. that's just plain disrespectful. I'm not an officer yet but I was a volunteer with my local PD and they weren't as good to me so I left them for the local sheriff's office. I still volunteer with the local sheriff's office to this day. They treat me just like if i were to be getting a paycheck. I'm actually surprised at how they claim me as one of them. As for you, I'm sorry for all this situation, and that's just not what Law Enforcement Officers should be doing to their volunteers. That's not the way to behave or perform. It's kind of sickening to be honest.
  • When I was a cadet (teenage learning about LE) there was a volunteer program at the department. I understand the pains you are dealing with. Even as someone trying to learn about the field we were often looked down on by some officers. Although I will say the volunteers had it worse. Sadly, I know that the cadet program is no longer running as the high school's JROTC program caused that, and I believe there is just one volunteer. I would gladly welcome volunteers.

    I think the disrespect is in part of them thinking "who is this guy who thinks he can be one of us???" or thinking that the volunteers are just wanna be's or people who couldn't cut it as a police officer or make it in the academy.
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