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I am currently in LE and work in a smaller town. A lot of my time is spent working traffic. I only cite people for going 10MPH an higher however ill stop for anything 7MPH and higher. What is your criteria for a traffic stop and what is the size of your dept/city?


  • The only speeders I work are on a snow machine and I use roughly the same criteria you do.
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    I only stop and cite for 15mph and higher. If I stop you for 10 over but less than 15 it is only a warning ticket, School zones are strictly enforced.
  • 10 over a warming 15over a ticket
  • I will stop at 10 over, but start writing at 15 over. School zones, if I stop, I write. My department has 2 part time officers, and myself, currently a reserve but hopefully soon, part time. The city I patrol is about 6 blocks by 6 blocks.
  • I stop at 10 over, definitely cite at 15. However, I reserve the right to cite from 10-15.

    1-10 over, I will try to slow them down (wave the arm, hit the lights, etc.) If that doesn't get their attention, I will usually stop and warn.

    School zone - all bets are off.
  • When you officers are talking school zone here, you mean only during school hours or activities correct? We have one small country town officer that writes school zone anytime of day. This school zone is on a US highway. The zone coming in is 45, after the school zone is 35, he pops them for X over 25 anytime night or day. That I think is just stupid. In Iowa school zones are active 24/7 unless otherwise posted.
  • I only stop and write for 15 MPH and over. That's about how everyone down here operates for the most part. 10 over is usually just a warrants check and a verbal warning.
  • I stop everybody for 7MPH over and when it comes to writing tickets, I use my judgement and base it on drivers history, and attitude with me regarding the stop
  • Largest department in my state. 15 over. In a lot of instances that changes it from infraction to Misdemeanor here.
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