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Bad reputations for State Police/Highway Patrol?

I have noticed a few threads in which the State Police or State Highway Patrol are branded as not giving professional courtesy, most notibly CHP and FHP. I have been stopped by the Ohio Highway Patrol, Maryland State Police, and Virginia State Police and I was merely told to have a nice day and drive safely. I think these cases involving CHP and FHP are just overzealous individuals and do not represent the views of the majority of officers in those departments.


  • The only State Police I've ever had a problem with is Connecticut State Police. I've met fast food employees that show more respect to people (incl. LEO's) than CSP does.
  • Not always the case BUT you got to give courtesy to receive courtesy. Stopped officers before that hung their badge out the window and thought that was all they needed to show.
  • I have dealt with FL: and NC and they were super nice. Can't comment on anyone else.
  • Lived next door to a state trooper in Indiana for 2 years. Stopped my wife and I for speeding and wrote us a ticket for 70 in a 60. A ticket to your officer neighbor for 10 mph over on the highway. I don't even look twice at a civilian for doing 70/60.
  • Awhile back there was bad press about a Florida H P or State trooper. I have extended professional courtesy. I have also been extended professional courtesy.
    I think the thing to remember is the courtesy, especially the officer getting stopped. If the violator gets hinky they may have earned a citation.
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    FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) definitely has had their moments.

    Months back, an FHP Trooper chased down a MARKED City of Miami police vehicle because he was speeding. She blue lit him and when he pulled over, the trooper approached the UNIFORMED police officer at gunpoint and ordered him out of the car. Then she handcuffed the UNIFORMED police officer and arrested him for reckless driving (yes, he was speeding but either way, he was a cop).

    That's just one of MANY horror stories about FHP. They write cops left and right. They have a shocking history of pulling over marked police cars for speeding and writing the officer a speeding ticket.

    I would NEVER write a fellow cop or his family. EVER

    As soon as the officer produces his badge and ID, he/she is on their way. I don't lecture, warn or argue with them. That's how I was trained and that's now how I train.

  • Seems like Indiana SP have nothing to do except write tickets. Wisc is the same way!
  • How far does professional courtesy go? I work in the Northern Va area and have have stopped another off duty officer on a motor cycle going 108 in a 55. I didn't write the officer and have never written another officer but 108 is something that I usually arrest for. For me you need to give respect to get respect.
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    There is a joke down here. Troopers have to wear long sleeves and ties all year. The joke asks why. To hold their foreskins down.

    But truly its more Officer to Officer than the whole Department. I had one apologize to me for arresting a co-worker who was very DWI only because he was ordered too. Well that Officer was endangering other people not just simply speeding. (that officer was a POS in other ways)
    Another Trooper wrote my wife a ticked for 10 over with a screaming child in back on Christmas after she just completed a 12 hour shift and she was wearing her hospital scrubs.
    But We've had the same experiences both ways with Deputies in the County we live. I work different county. Worse than that; one of our own wrote one of our own as that other officer pulled out of the office lot to go home. So D&^%heads span allover.
  • >>They have a shocking history of pulling over marked police cars for speeding and writing the officer a speeding ticket.<<

    Ok, pulling over on-duty marked cars is something else altogether. That's just stupid. How do you know that officer isn't on his way to a call? Not ever call warrants lights and siren, but that doesn't mean it isn't urgent
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  • I have to give some kudos to the Colorado State Patrol. All of them (except for one notable one who is no longer with them) have been great.
  • I've been stopped quite a bit and I stop quite a few officers.

    I don't think I have stopped an officer for anything too stupid. I've stopped a few that were speeding pretty fast.

    But I always want to keep the working relationship in tact.

    One night about a year ago I stopped an officer in a bordering city. He was going pretty fast. I sort of knew him because he's friends with another officer friend of mine. Anyhow, we talked for a moment and then I sent him on his way.

    Just a few weeks ago I had a guy that I needed to be arrested and he went to the town where that officer I stopped works. I called their dispatch and asked if they could send an officer to the address? I asked their dispatch to have their officer call me. Guess who called me?

    You never know when you're gonna need something from another officer one day. The stupid ticket wars I hear about are lame.
  • If I was going to a call in my patrol unit and that HP officer would have tried to pull me over I would not have stopped I would have proceeded to my call. HP would've have to follow me to my call if they wanted to do anything. When HP would have approached me while I was handling my call I would have told them not to interfere with my duties.. Im from South Louisiana and I believe in Courtesy and I have never written a LEO a ticket in my 18yr career. Thats just plain assinine what happened. Why in the world would u do that especially to another officer in a marked unit...totally distasteful.... I agree lameduck u never know when or who u will need something from. I bet that HP officer will need those SO guys before they need the HP....
  • I think there's a change in mentality with the whole " new generation" you'd have to do something SERIOUS for me to do anything other than say sorry for holding you up sir. But I have heard stories of newer guys who write every one its ridiculous and I think a lot come from poor field training and bad admministration
  • I am from South Louisiana and for the most part the Troopers here are pretty nice, but there is one in particular who has stopped two officers going to work. One was in a marked unit and the trooper actively followed the unit for a few miles and them lit the unit up, but no ticket was given. The second time it was an unmarked unit but the officer did identify himself and the trooper wrote him a ticket for (i think) 12 miles over the speed limit. A week later the Trooper needed backup and guess who shows up, the officer he gave the ticket to. I agree with many of you, use the time to network because you may never know when you might run into that officer again.
  • Here in the northeast its VERY uncommon for state or local to write any leo and have even seen the courtesy given to some of the larger private universities that employee non sworn security officers (when in the jurisdiction the school is located)
  • I had a run in with a very unprofessional Virginia State Patrolman about 3 years ago. I was pulled over for speeding out of a group 3 vehicles. My wife and kids thought it was funny at first, but that changed pretty quick. I know the drill so I get out my DL and insurance and am ready to hand it to him as he gets to the window. 25 years on the job at that time. I've always carried a badge in my wallet along with my ID.He introduced himself and then asked if I was a police officer. (by this time I had dropped my wallet to my side closed. He had, however, seen my badge) I said yes and he said, quote, So that's why your flashing a badge?" end quote. I told him no, that my badge has been there for all of the years I had been LE. Then I'm told I'm speeding to which I said I was not aware that I was (79 in a 65 I'm told) oops, my bad. What next? He says, "well since you're a police officer, do you have any guns in the car with you?" I again said no. And this is when it all went south. He said, You're a police officer and not carrying a gun? That's kind of stupid isn't it?" HMMMMM. How to act now? I told him I had just traveled through New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey etc etc etc and it was not healthy to be carrying in those states (at that time). Then I told him if he was going to write a ticket to do it and let me get on about my business. He did and I left angry. I admitted I was speeding by virtue of saying I was unaware of the speedlimit and my speed, but this idiot stepped over the line with his littleman, unprofessional attitude. He also took my police ID and ran a check on it. I couldn't believe it. He had gone out of his way to "show me".
    He may well be a great officer in many ways but this yahoo was far from decent or professional. He was just a smart ass cop that day. Virginia, Smythe County, is 131.00 richer because of that meeting. And I know my story doesn't mean a thing to VSP members. It's, after all, sour grapes. I got a ticket and not a break. Wrong. The 131 dollars was tuition for a life lesson. I've spent a lot of years teaching officers how to treat people and to remember that we all make mistakes. If I had the tape of this encounter I would use it at roll call training for how not to walk, talk and act, when in uniform. He was an embarrassment to a lot of good officers.
  • Unfortunately, OldSchool, we have too many cops out there who think that being Rambo with an attitude will get them where they want to go. What it will get them someday is shot.

    That being said, all my encounters with State Troopers so far have been very professional.
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