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Duty Belt setup

I have two duty belts. One leather for regular patrol and one nylon for bike patrol. Both set differently but comfortable. How do you have yours set for comfort and efficient use of gear?

Leather- From front center around clockwise
OC Spray, sm flashlight, double cuff case, service weapon, ASP, single cuff, glove pouch, single cuff case, radio, X26 Taser, mag pouch

Nylon- Same order, Double cuff case, service weapon, ASP, glove pouch, radio, X26 Taser, Single Mag Pouch.

And my shoulder goes around my lower back and clip on in front on chest.


  • My shoulder Mic*
  • Mine is high gloss leather and it goes as follows: OC right front, duty weapon right hip, ASP, radio on right back, 6" empty space in small of back, handcuffs on left back, Maglite holder on left hip and dual mag pouch on left front
  • Oh and I fasten my shoulder mic through my right epaulet and clipped to the fron of my shirt just below the knot in my tie in the winter and in the apex of the V formed by my open collar in the summer
  • Ok, question: Your obviously right handed, how do you cuff a suspect comfortably, and maintaining control using your left hand? I'm ambedextirous and I cant grab my cuffs on my left back unless the suspect is cooperative
  • I have a leather belt set up as follows. Starting front center moving clockwise. Double mag pouch, key holder, firearm, leatherman, sl20 flashlight ring, my back is clear, flashlight, radio, taser x26, freeze plus p, squad camera mic, and double cuff case.
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    Whatever you find comfortable works. I like that you have the equipment in the same place on both. Muscle memory. Keep it the same on both. I have two as well for the same reason. Waist size matters with all the gear that's added.

    From left to right. Double mag pouch (horizontal), tazer, radio, small flashlight, second cuffs (attached to belt with keeper, when worn), Space free around spine, baton, firearm (right handed), primary cuffs(on front right also attached with belt keeper) Microphone is wrapped over my back to my right shoulder and held in place with velcro name bade on bike uniform only, (doesn't fly off when running). regular duty uniform clipped between buttons. I wear an earpiece on bike
  • Front to right side: Mag pouch, cuffs, .40, 26" ASP, nothing in back to prevent back injury if falling, then left side continuing from the back to front, radio, secondary light, primary light, leather gloves, med kit. Then knives in each side pocket and a 3rd clip on light in left pocket.
  • I wear an earpiece when I'm assigned to the north end of my city which has 5 of our 6 housing projects. So 95% of the people I run into have warrants and I don't want them hearing it. I also wear it on crowd control details. I have a special one with a throat Mic for when I'm on motorcycle
  • From front starting on right side: body mic closest to buckle, single cuff case, service weapon, baton, surefire flashlight, small of back is glove pouch, then radio clip-in holder, OC, blackhawk rifle magazine drop pouch clip, taser x26, extra mags closest to buckle on left side
  • This topic got posted to facebook, and several people question where my belt keepers are: one is between my double cuff case and weapon, one on each side of my glove pouch and one between my taser and mag pouch
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  • Also people say I carry too much...I carry so much because I prepare for the worst and hope for the best
  • Although I am just nearing the end of my academy I have learned quite a bit about placement of items on the belt. This is how I have my belt for the academy set up and unless dept. policy states otherwise I will keep it as so. I have a leather basket weave style belt as follows. Starting front right going clockwise: Taser, Service Weapon, Asp, Cuff Case, Cuff case Radio, OC Spray, Mag. Pouch. I know to a lot it seems like either weird or a bad idea to carry the Taser so close to my service weapon however I feel like I am much safer having my Taser closer to my primary weapon hand side for a fast draw if needed. I have even had my instructors say that its a good idea but again most of this is personal preference. I'm just not a big fan of the cross draw on the Taser.
  • Wow almost forgot about my flashlight being on my belt it sits right behind my radio pouch
  • One of my Lieutenants feels the same way about the cross draw on the taser, so what he does is he places his taser front center with his cuff case to the right of it. Try to have a set of cuffs on the front of your belt, it's much easier to maintain control while cuffing a suspect. And good luck to you with your department
  • >>Ok, question: Your obviously right handed, how do you cuff a suspect comfortably, and maintaining control using your left hand? I'm ambedextirous and I cant grab my cuffs on my left back unless the suspect is cooperative<<

    It's because I'm right handed that I keep them on my left back. If I have my weapon drawn, my left hand can reach for my cuffs. If I don't have my weapon drawn or have just put it away to cuff the suspect, I have my strong arm free to control the suspect and still have my left hand to pull my cuffs out of my belt. Also, if I'm working with a partner and I'm holding the suspect/suspects at gunpoint, and my partner needs an extra pair of cuffs due to a large number of suspects or whatever, I can use my left hand to draw my cuffs and give them to him without taking my weapon or eyes off the suspects. Keeping my cuffs on my left just seems to be all around perfect for a right handed officer
  • Ok, I understand your logic. When I went through the academy in 2009 they trained us to place our cuffs in front on our strong side, in the case when struggling with a suspect you can maintain better control grabbing from the front of your belt versus reaching behind you. But everyone, once out in the field decides what works best for them.
  • I keep my cuffs on each side of the small of my back. I can see how placing cuffs in front could be beneficial in order to maintain control though. The way I have my placed I can reach both cuff cases with both hands (ie: I could reach around and grab the furthest left cuff with my right hand and vice versa with my left hand) However I can see how if you are struggling with a suspect it would not be a good idea to take your primary hand (right hand in my case) off of the suspect.
  • I have leather that snaps in the front. Clockwise from snap: Handcuffs, keeper, gun, keeper, asp, keeper, flashlight, oc, radio, taser, mags.

    I am a small waisted female and have NO room on my belt. I would like to have a second cuff case on my back but I don't think I could access it easily/safely. We wear cardo pants and I have been keeping an extra set of cuffs in my right pant cargo pocket... any other suggestions?
  • Do you have a double cuff case in front?
  • Or may I suggest, remove the keeper in front, put oc between cuffs and gun, move your asp as close as you can to your gun or put it where oc was and then you should be able to fit another cuff case
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  • THanks for the suggestions, we are issued single cuff cases, and asp is already as close to my gun as I can get it. If I put it where my OC is currently, it will be in the same position, just on the other side.

    Maybe I should eat some more cheeseburgers? ;-)
  • amnicley, ASP behind firearm? I can find some real nice pictures of what happened to one of our officers when he fell placing pressure on the firearm grip. Snapped right in half (the firearm, not the ASP. Becareful clustering things. Never enough room on the belt, though!
  • Nylon Belt from Front center moving clockwise slight to right of center double mag pouch, glock 22C, Asp, single handcuff case, middle of back is clear, single handcuff case, flashlight ring for larger flashlight, small 5.11 flashlight in flashlight holder, radio, tazer, pepperspray. I use pepperspray, tazer and flashlight in off hand so they are on my left side accessible along with a pair of cuffs. firearm on right obviously cause im right handed along with baton behind firearm. been like that for 18 yrs so its muscle memory. That's what important-however you have your rig set up don't switch around u will not remember where your tools are in a stressful situation. When you find a comfortable place for your gear on your rig keep it that way and develop muscle memory so you don't have to think or look for it your arms will know where to go automatically...
  • I like the shoulder mic setup. Nice and easy reach.
  • Front Center (clockwise) - X26 (clipped in center after I fasten belt), keeper, Glock, keeper, single cuff, keeper, (nothing in the small of my back), keeper, single cuff, flashlight, radio, baton (ring), mini-OC, double mag.

    Everything else like gloves (latex and hobo), are in pockets, along with backup flashlight, knife, tourniquet, and Israeli bandage.
  • leather belt clockwise oc, service weapons, baton, handcuffs, glove pouch, handcuffs, radio, flashlight, double mag pouch.
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    @amnicley ... I have the same issue, very small waist and not much room to keep stuff, I still am adjusting trying to get it comfortable. I think I finally got it but I have to wear my taser on a drop holster which I'm not overly fond of, but I have no other place for it. I'd def recommend a dbl cuff case!
    Maybe ill have to eat some more cheeseburgers too! Any good burger joints in your area? Lol
  • From right side of belt buckle to left. Single cuff case, oc, glock, hanging cuff strap, small space, glove pouch (not on lower back) flaslight, radio, baton, dbl mag pouch vertical. Radio mic clipped to front of uniform shirt for use with either hand
  • Leather buckleless safariland, clockwise from front: Open top cuff case, remote mic pouch, firearm, ASP, key holder, glove pouch, closed top cuff case, 5.11 light for life, radio pouch, Taser x26, double mag pouch.
  • @isak15 The Crossdraw is so in the heat of the moment, you dont get your service weapon and non lethal confused, and draw the wrong one for the type of situation or use of force situation your dealing with, In Florida when I went to BLE( Basic Law Enforcement), They taught us to put your taser on the front side of your belt toward your belt buckle and your service weapon on the side as you normally would. Personal preference I guess though.
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