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Joining the "Civi" side after Serving

Strongly considering joining the "civi" side of law enforcement. i was a 31B10 for 5yrs with 1 deployment. I enjoyed being a cop. Every job has it's bullshit, good and bad days... I've lost a lot of weight and unfortunately it's difficult for me personally to gain and maintain weight and muscle. Any ideas/opinions/comments would be appreciated.
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  • Creatine, glutamine and protein. As well as brown rice, an hour of cardio and some weights... sorry, did you want other ideas?
  • Creatine and protein I burn off too easily. Glutamine I don't think I've tried yet. Tango Mike
  • L-Glutamine is almost a must. It's an amino acid found in muscles and is needed after workouts. If you don't supplement your intake you'll find your body destroying muscle to get to it. Good luck! Also, creatine only allows you to pump for longer :) (But still highly recommend it)
  • Hmm definitely worth a shot.
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