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Ford Crown Vic. vs ?

What patrol cars are you using now and do you like it better than the venerable Crown Vic?


  • dodge charger all the way
  • We have that new Ford Taurus, love it. Handles a little too well at high Turns very quick, comfortable ride and looking forward to having the AWD feature this winter. Only thing is they didn't put a cage in this one and said there wasn't enough room or they don't make a cage for it something like that, but around here the troopers are getting away from using cages anyway so I think it was just a matter of time regardless
  • I think my name says it all. lol!
  • I think we should look more towards vehicles better on gas. Last thing I need to worry about is how much gas do I have left to get me through this day...
    Camry's are great vehicles, dependable and long lasting. Any vehicle can be made "faster". Why not be smarter about it too?
    (The new Fords look sharp as hell though and they blend in nicely with traffic...)
  • We just replaced our Crown Vics with Chevy Impalas. Good cars. I saw something crazy a few months ago, an Ohio State Trooper driving a Ford Focus turned into a police car. It was quite ugly. It didn't look like a police car. It looked fake
  • My departments fleet is crown vics, we tested a new charger over the summer, it was nice but I think unnecessary I personally would rather have the new interceptors or Taurus.
  • Whilst us UK cops look sometimes envious across the pond at your vehicles, some of ours across the board are not too shabby.
    My Units fleet (I'm a Regional Motorway officer so similar I guess to State / Highway Patrol) was petrol drinking Range Rovers & Volvo T5's, but we've had to change to Diesel and BMW are the recommended choice which a few years ago was quite a come down from a range Rover to an X5, but our latest BMW's are 535 saloons with Twin Turbo's which know how to shift and handle.

    Other places use all sorts of Audi's and there are a Few Ford Focus ST's knocking about (Sorry wilavitt)
  • I've driven a Ford Exploder, uh, Explorer, Dodge Durango, Crown Vic, and a Chevy Tahoe and Blazer. And I own a 2010 Ford Taurus (civilian version) as my nice car. The winter/get to work car is a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. The Taurus beats them all for handling. Trailmix beats 'em for room.
  • I've driven a Tahoe, Impala, Crown Vic and Taures. Taures was the best handling and gas saver surprisingly. Tahoe was nothin but a giant pain in my ass. Broke down all the time, gas guzzling road hog. Not a fan...
  • right now i'm in a 2010 charger i love the thing!, I also drive one for a personal vehicle, but shortly our fleet are going to be switching to the new Ford SUV all wheel drives, can't wait to try them out!
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  • First Charger I ever saw for the Colorado State Patrol.... was on the side of the road hooked up to a tow truck and a Trooper who looked really really mad :)
  • The Dept I work for has started to replace the Crown Vic with Chev Tahoes and well as well as the Ford Taurus and the Ford Explorer SUV. Because where I work has a GM plant and is the home to the Impala don't think we will go completly away form Chev and will keep the impala until they stop making them.
  • I'll take the charger over the crown vic anyday! I had good luck with the charger I drove it handled great, ran great and didn't have any problems with it. I now drive a crown vic again and tho im thankful for having a take-home Unit i dont like them vics.
  • We have about 14 Tahoes now. We've decided to go to all Tahoes. I really like the room and they handle good. It's also nice to sit up high.
  • The Police package Chevy Tahoe is by far the best SUV for a cruiser. Sits 2 inches lower than a standard Tahoe making a lower center of gravity. Fog lights have been replaced by air channels to cool the front brakes, beefed up suspension. The 5.3 was tweaked and gives it the juice you need. The only thing that we can't hold with is vette's and NOS equipped vehicles. For that case, you can't outrun Motorola. For the cars, nothing beats the Vic.
  • In Puerto Rico, Ford Crown Vic, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Charger. But i like SUV Chevy Tahoe
  • Tahoe! The new ford interceptor SUV is horrible from what I hear
  • I have had a Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Ford Explorer and I currently am in a Dodge Durango. I miss the CV!! I do like the room in the Durango, and it of course is more comfortable, but for some strange reason I'd give up the comfort to be back in a CV. Maybe its the speed I miss.
  • Tahoe plenty of room
  • All around patrol car the Crown Vic. is hard to beat. The Chager has ample trunk/equipment room but NO scunmbag room. Tarus handles well but no trunk or scumbag room. Lets face Chevrolet Cars (Impala, Malibu) Stink.. Exploder's Handle well plenty of room but you loose the MPG's and speed. I love the Crown Vic. But with Ford droping the line. The Tahoe is second has comfort, plenty of equipment room and can handle up to three scumbags... lol and makes great K-9 units and only loose a couple of MPG's, Speed is ok but you better hang on to that Motorola...
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  • We have Chevy impalas with about 70+k on every the dream
  • Guess I'm the lucky one here. We have the new Chevy Caprice PPV. I have used the Vic and Charger but they don't come close to the Caprice. It handles like a dream at high speeds. Has a sweet amount of room inside and in the trunk. With a 355hp v8 they have more than enough power, and they can switch to v6 to save gas while idling for extended periods of time. Best part is there isn't a civilian model so people on the streets are still asking what they are.
  • Just got issued a brand new 2012 Dodge Charger. So far I like it, though the visibility is reduced compared to the Crown Victoria.
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