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Fun on the job

What is the best prank you've ever pulled with a fellow officer?


  • OC in the vents.
  • Told one of the guys that the judge had been calling for him in court. When he got there, everyone was gone and court had been done with for about 30 minutes!
  • I parked a detectives pov next to a dumpster and our SWAT van, then put our Transport van in front of it and convinced him it got stolen lol
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    hung a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs from his rear view mirror, let him drive around all day.
  • A former co-worker placed glow in the dark condoms on a troopers car. He drove around all night with them on.
  • Told a fellow LE to signal 8 (come to) the Sargent's Office. The expression on their face is priceless. lol
  • Had the chief call a new guy at noon exactly one week before he was supposed to go to the academy at 7am and ask why he wasn't there... his wife said he turned pale white.
  • the prank possibilities are endless.
  • When first started working at the PD I was subjected to some "testing" LOL which I expected as a civilian.....they had to see what I'm made of and what I can take.

    The one I remember the best was the ever so light application of OC to my desk and chair.....zesty! They also asked if they could "light me up" during their Taser training.
  • Rocks in hubcaps..Zip ties on the drive shaft (Done to me).
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  • i was told that we had to keep count of different ducks at the duck pond in the city and counted ducks for a while until i finally wised up and figured out that it was a joke. very creative because they even had forms with the different duck species.
  • Sent one rookie to the Kennels to get K9P.
  • I have played a few of them in my earlier days, but I actually got written up for playing a practical joke so I will never do that again. I was the only Officer in the history of that department that got in trouble for doing a practical joke. The sad thing was that the joke wasn't even that bad.
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