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Cool Hobbies?

Anyone have any hobbies they enjoy? (other than the firing range :] )

I co-own a small business making Police Car Models for officers, or anyone who really wants one.

I'm also a Volunteer at the Pitt County Sheriff's Office- Right now serving them as dressing up as "Eddie the Eagle" or "McGruff" for community events.

How about you guys? :)


  • I don't know how "cool" my hobby is, but I collect comic books. I love superheroes!
  • haha, that's awesome. I used to collect some. Just got some classic batman and robin converses for my birthday!
  • My hobbies are cooking and baking. Started when I was on the job. Found them calming and therapeutic. My wife would be amazed at how I would come home so stressed out, and inside of 15 minutes in the kitchen I was calm and happy. Still do it even though I am retired now. But I have also picked up a new hobby, I collect watches now. Have a collection of 37 and growing.
  • Fishing..... with the kids, with family and friends or alone. Love to cast a line.
    I also watch a lot of movies with the wife and kids. Recently got back into the gym after a few years away, too.
  • that's awesome guys. :) I also enjoy drawing and skateboarding, it's relaxing for me.
  • I enjoy fishing a lot. I love snowboarding and I also DJ on weekends if I'm not working
  • I've always wanted to go snowboarding! Hopefully I will soon
  • I get out and ride every chance I get... Even just the 10 minute ride home after work can change my mood. It doesn't matter what hobby anyone has, as long as it makes them get up and have a life outside of the place they work. That makes every hobby a good and cool hobby.
  • I used to skateboard when I was a teenager. I stopped in my mid-twenties. Now I'm in my 30's and probably couldn't even balance on one anymore
  • ks1724: absolutely right. We all need something to take us away from work mode when we are off duty.
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  • Yes I agree ks1724. I consider anything and every thing anyone does as a hobby is just awesome, I'm curious to know what other people do as hobbies. I also enjoy getting out and riding, even if it is for a few minutes.

    lol wilavitt, I'm turning 20 yrs old on march 15th, I still like to coast on my skateboard when I have the time!
  • I use to be a flyfishing guide. I have stopped guiding for now because the shop I was working for closed down due to this wonderful economy. It was good money and fun when I was doing it.

    My big hobby is sailing. I own a 30' sailboat that is set up for coastal cruising. I usually take 10 days a summer for a trip on the Chesapeake Bay. I have been as far north as Annapolis and as far south as Hampton. My favorite haunt is Solomons Island, MD. I also like Tangier Island.

    The boat is my home away from home. It is set up with hot and cold water that is pressurized, full galley with an oven and a stove, icebox, shower, head, and it sleeps 7.
  • Yeah, I gave it up when I got married and had kids. It was time to grow up. But I kept my comic books lol
  • thats awesome!

    And wilavitt, that is just fine haha, i got some hobbies i just wont ever give up lol
  • I have two very unusual hobbies that I enjoy in my free time. The first one is volunteering every year for a local haunted house every Halloween. I got on board with this place in September of 2010, and have been hooked ever since then. I love the details we all put into the scenes, the many different aspects I can put into my characters and just the sheer amount of new ideas for scares every season.

    The second, and biggest thing, I enjoy is paranormal investigation. I met my entire team through my girlfriend of nearly three years just three months after I moved to Colorado. I bonded with everyone very quickly, and ended up bringing a guy on board who I met through the haunted house in late 2010. Our group, RMRIPP, has been at it for three years now. I always look forward to our next investigation. I find I love the historical research, every aspect of the investigation itself, and going over all of the evidence we get from each and every place we go to. I've learned a lot about where I stand with respect to my spiritual beliefs as a result of this unique thing I do, and I freely admit I couldn't be any happier. My whole team feels like family to me.
  • that's awesome.

    The unusual hobbies are the best ones!
  • I make varmint and pot style turkey calls. Also build personalized powder horns for muzzle loading enthusiasts. Love working with small wood projects
  • I write fiction. Everything is based around my central character, a female LEO, so it doesn't get my mind off police work. It does however give me a means to share a bunch of the unbelievable shit that we see on the job.
  • edited 29 Apr 2013
    I'm a Jeontu Kickboxer; "jeontu" is Korean for "combat". I'm almost a black belt...I do a lot of sparring in our ring and I've gone 3-0 in fights. 2012 Women's Champion in my town. :)
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  • Wow. That's awesome. :D
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