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  • My grandpa was a sheriff deputy for 3 years.
    My father is goin on his 18th year I believe as a local cop.
    My uncle retired after 10 years as a local cop (due to on duty injuries)
    My stepfather is on his 5th year for corrections I believe.
    I am not of age yet but I plan to follow their footsteps. However I am going on my 3rd year in police explorers (youth cadet program) and I currently hold the rank of chief in the post :)
  • I have been a dispatcher for 30 years! Retiring in October
  • 15 years as a deputy sheriff, before having to retire on disability
  • 5 years Sheriffs Office
  • I have been a police officer for 2 years in Minnesota
  • 5 years Sheriffs Office
  • Would love to share with new 31B mp. Former MPDC. Retired
  • My brother was a police officer in Niles, OH he was 26 when he was killed in the line of duty.
  • 26 years (retired)
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  • 30 years and 4 days (ending with a heart attack during a foot pursuit)
  • 8 years as a Parole Agent for me!
  • 7 years so far :)
  • One of my uncles was chief of police for several years in new market va and I am a retired police officer, 18 years, from ft myers florida pd
  • 10 years for me and 6 for my brother.
  • I've been with the Sheriff's Dept. for almost 21 years now as a telecommunicator and Agency Contact for LINK/NCIC.
  • I've been a LEO for 21 years and only have 4 left! I pray for all my brothers and sisters out there walking this line!
  • 12 years in WI
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    My dad almost 20 yrs in emergency services, deputy and corrections, 25 years for myself so far and over 20 years for my uncle in corrections.
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  • My husband since 1995 :-) 18 years
  • I was a reserve for 13 years. Family involved on and off since the 1920's
  • My Dad - 24 yrs... killed in the line of duty, 8 months short of retirement
    EOW 9/26/2002
  • 13 years Sept. 29th!
  • 10 years and still going.
  • Been in LE for 11 years. 3 in Indiana and 8 in Kansas.
  • 25 years between my mother and myself.
  • 5 years proudly served and at least 25 to go!
  • I spent over 35 years on the street in a small town, Ridley Park, Pa Retired and went back to work as Code Enforcement Officer for 7 years.
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • 20 years on the job and ten retired!
  • Myself 2yrs in corrections. Many family members from 6 to 35 years. ...a long line if officers, troopers and corrections
  • 12 years personally father retired and grandfather retired
  • 2 years as an Auxiliary Officer
    Almost 22 years as a Patrol Officer, recent filing for medical disability pension. :(
  • 2uncles, one didnt work long he was injured in a boating accident. the other unlce was 20+yrs on the painesville city pd, 1 cousin 13yrs, 12of them on the fairport harbor pd, the other cousin 15yrs,on fairport harbor pd, my twin brother 1yr on perry pd & currently in his 8th yr on Painesville pd. my other cousin is head of the U.S. Marshal dept in Washington.
    God bless all the officers out there & stay safe
  • RETIRED Corrections Officer 15 yrs
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    My Father 4 Years United States Air Force Security Forces & 29 years, Albuquerque Police Department
    My Mother 20 years United States Air Force Security Forces (Retired)
    My Brother 4 years United State Marine Corps Military Police
  • first husband killed in the line of duty after 4 years on the force....second husband was civil deputy for 10 years.
  • My husband 7 years, never missed a day even while fighting cancer!!!!
  • In one way or another since 1975
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
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    Grand total of 5+ year... deputy 1st now tribal police... mother was a dispatcher for 10+ years.. father and multiple uncles to many years to remember...
  • 5 years reserve, 13 years active.
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    Police Officer 18 years, so far. All at the same agency.
    Father-military Navy 30 years.
    Husband-military Navy 4 years.
    Son- military Navy 3 years so far working on a career.
    Proud service family.
  • 10 years on the job
  • 1yr state corrections and 4yrs Deputy Sheriff
  • 50+ plus.. father-in-law (nytp 23 years, deputy here in florida 17) hubby 16+ here in florida
  • Father 22 years
    me 24 years
    daughter 2 years
  • 25 years. I'd love one of those decals! :)
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