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DUI Checkpoint Turn Around "Chasers"

How many of you LEOs operate "chasers" at your sobriety checkpoints? That is, observing citizens turning their vehicles around to avoid the checkpoint, and then pursuing them and pulling them over?


  • We do in the UK. A Traffic car will be posted to deal with them and vehicles failing to stop at the site.
  • Apparently nobody much gives a shit....
  • Some jurisdictions have been forced to announce the locations prior to setting them up so people can avoid them. And in others, you cannot stop someone that takes an alternate route. Crazy messed up world.
  • I believe when pushed DUI checkpoints will be found as a violation of the 4th.
  • We were forbidden to use sobriety checkpoints in Detroit and I believe it is a violation of the 4th, even if we were allowed to use checkpoints, I believe using a "chaser unit" may cause a DUI driver to run, and cause some major problems. I worked a Motor Unit at a precinct on straight midnights, and part of my assignment was alcohol enforcement, and it kept me very, very busy in downtown Detroit!!
  • We don't call them "chasers", per se, but we have a couple of free officers who will stop them if they violate a traffic law in their "turning around", which they often do.
    We have to give drivers an opportunity to turn before the checkpoint via an intersecting road at each end of the checkpoint.
    Most of the time the stop will be for failing to signal the turn, and they are usually impaired, holding, no DL/suspended DL, or have a warrant.
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