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Off Duty incident with another Officer

Just want to get an idea of others and what they might have done! I was on my way home one afternoon from long gun requal, on a major interstate in Virginia. I was stopped by a Trooper for a traffic violation on my exit. I had put all my windows down since they are tinted and on my back seat was my ballistic vest and gun belt! Once he approached I had identified myself due to the fact of the materials on my back seat. Asked to see my Police Creds, showed them too him then he proceed to give me hell about what I had done! He states that I had cut struck off and I'm the reason 95 has so many accidents but that's a different story. He then asks for my DL and he goes back to his cruiser, comes back maybe 30 seconds later and asks me where is firearm. I tell him it's on my right him then he says to me, I need your weapon so take it out and hand it to me through the back window! Now I know many would say no but this dude was pissed and most likely would have pulled me out and cuffed me. Mind you I gave no attitude what so ever while stopped and was polite, why wouldn't I be, this is a fellow brother in blue! He takes my firearm back to his cruiser and returns 3 minutes later and hands it to me unloaded. Mag and extra round are out.
I guess my question is has anyone ever taken a fellow Officers firearm on a traffic stop? What Isthe reasoning? I have never and would never do that! He knew I was a federal Officer and still acted this way! I was pissed!


  • I have heard multiple horror stories about Virginia state police and their treatment of fellow police officers...

    I would NEVER take another officers firearm on a "routine" traffic stop!
  • Why is it that I can see an officer who feels the need to disarm fellow officers on a routine traffic stop as also being one of those officers who would rely on the "pray and spray" shooting technique in the fecal matter did hit the oscilating wind machine?

    If you are that paranoid, do us all a favor and turn in your badge.
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    First off, he should of NOT taking your weapon on the TS. Second, the moment he asked you for your weapon, you should of told him, "your not taking my weapon". I'm a police officer in Virginia and I will NEVER take another officers weapon on a TS.

    What you need to do is call his supervisor and put a complaint on him for doing that. The trooper is already being an asshole and showing you no respect, even though your being polite.

    Hope this helps.
  • There is one like that in every crowd.

    I worked as a Trooper for a few years. I can assure you that the behavior that you were shown is not typical behavior. I have never heard of asking for another brother LEO for their weapon. That is an odd request.

    In the past, when non-LEOs asked me about professional courtesy, I have always responded that I give it because the LEO is the first person who will come to my aid if I am in a bad situation. We have to protect each other.

    Don't let this encounter make you feel that all VSP are like that. They are not. As with every department, there are incredible people working for them and there are a few jerks as well.
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