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Favorite Police TV Show.

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What's your favorite Police TV show of all time?


  • The original tv series "Police Story" by Joseph Wambaugh.
  • The Wire rules!!!
  • I don't have a favorite tv series, but I do love the movie "Heat". Does that count?
  • Seth..the Wire is the truth....agree 100%.
  • Hill Street Blues..."Let's be careful out there". (Michael Conrad as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus)
  • Hill Street Blues!
  • COPS comes on everyday at 5 and is on the whole time I'm getting ready for work.
  • I'm gonna go old skool and throw out Adam-12! I'd love to see an Adam-12 feature a'la the Sam Jackson SWAT movie
  • I'm gonna go old skool too with the Mod Squad & Dragnet! Chips was pretty awesome too :)
  • The Shield, I have all 7 seasons.
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  • Hill street blues, the first show reminded me of how it was at our department when we carried any kind of weapon or backup we wanted
  • Adam 12 of course, and of course Dragnet. And Emergency!!
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    COPS, Alaska State Troopers, Southland, Border Wars, Blue Bloods
  • Law and Order:SVU - got a thing for Mariska Hargitay :)

    Chief called me one time while watching it - he said 'Good! Watching a training show, eh?'
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    CHiPs has always been my favorite. My ringtone is even the series's cheesy theme song! The Shield seasons rank right up there too!
  • Having in a former life driven truck in California, I have grown to hat the CHIPS show. I have met some good CHP officers, but California laws treat truck drivers like 3rd class citizens in many ways.
  • Flashpoint, without a question! That show is very emotional, and maybe not as factual as it could be, but I think it is an amazing show. The situations are believable and heart-wrenching. It allows me to open my eyes and broaden my opinion on just how tough it is for police officers, with each and every episode.
  • To me the best and most realistic show was, wait for it, Barney Miller. It may have been a sitcom, but it really caught the real personalities and differences amongst cops. More of the boring down time and very little car chases and gunplay. Much more like real life.
  • Blue bloods and flashpoint.
  • The Andy Griffith Show has always been my favorite.
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  • movie count? if so "End Of Watch" by far the best cop movie i ever seen!
  • NCIS, but talk old school, in the 50's, Highway Patrol wit B. Crawford.
  • My vote is NCIS and Blue Bloods for more recent/current shows.
  • NCIS, Criminal Minds and etc :)
  • Third watch
  • nypd blue with jimmy smits was the best couple of seasons watched all the time along with adam 12, emergency,chips,origanal swat,blue bloods
  • CHiPs was my favorite as a kid growing up in Sacramento, CA ... I saw a re-run of an episode a few years back & was highly disappointed at how cheesy it really was. I stopped watching it, so I wouldn't ruin anymore of my fond childhood memories!! LoL

    College days was Andy Griffith... COPS was entertaining for a while. Some of those "wildest police chases" type shows ~ right up until I noticed they were adding in sound effects. Last I knew, tires do not squeal when spinning on dirt. & didn't matter what county they were showing, it was always one of 3 or 4 siren sounds ... even in the chopper view...

    most recently would be The Shield. Got all the seasons on DVD ~ about to watch them all over again, now that I don't have cable. Michael C. was awesome in that.
  • Dont usually watch COPS but watched an episode where the patrolman had a prostetic leg and chase a perp through a neighborhood and over several fences. Once he caught the perp, the perp looked down and shook his head. The officer asked why he was shaking his head and the perp said " Can't believe I got caught by a one legged cop". Goes to show you can do anything you put your heart into. We dont choose the job, the job chooses us.
  • Hill street blues
  • I loved the Shield
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  • toss up between 21 jump street and the original swat....
  • Blue Bloods. Donnie is the back bone of that show. Still can't beat me in words with friends though. Da wizzard got beat lol
  • Crime Scene 360 and anything on the ID channel. As far as fictional NCIS, law and order, etc. The original CSI was good at the beginning but now they are so over the top. It also makes me laugh when ppl try to tell me how to do my job because they watch CSI. Lol
  • Southland....
  • Surprised only Lawdog08 mentioned it... but undoubtedly Southland
  • Alright- kickin' it old-school, I'd have to say Adam-12 most definitely.

    For a newer program though, I'd probably pick either SouthLAnd or Alaska State Troopers...
  • You know what was a good cop show that didn't get a fair chance? NYC22. It started off slow, but I kinda grew to like it, then they cancelled it after 13 episodes.
  • Southland...
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  • Can't stand Alaska State Troopers. They run code to everything and I've yet to see anything actually unfold. Can't believe I watched a show about cops hunting for those who are mean to fish. Just my opinion so don't attack me.
  • NYPD Blue of course. You can't do better than Andy Sipowitz
  • dragnet, JUST THE FACTS
  • My all time favorite cop tv show is Barney Miller.
  • Cops for sure, but the wire was a great series!
  • Southland. Fantastic show - good characters, and seems to show the good and the bad side of being a cop better than any other show I've seen.

    The Shield started out great, but in the end it was no longer a cop show, but a show on corruption.
  • Gotta go with Barney Miller.
  • Yay, Robert, that's mine too.
  • Southland and The Shield.
  • Southland and cops
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